Sunday, March 24, 2013

Before and After: Paint-By-Numbers Horse Art


As promised, here is a quick look at some other art I just put up in the Guest Room.  I found the cute little paint-by-numbers pieces on Etsy about a year or so ago and just had to have them!  They needed to be funked-up a little bit to go with the rest of the Guest Room vibe, so I grabbed some fabric scraps and got to work.  It was a super easy project- no glue or tools required besides a pair of scissors.  Basically I would just snip a little piece of the fabric to get it started and tear the rest of the strip to get the frayed edge.  After I had my pile of scrap strips, I removed the glass and picture from the frame and began wrapping the bare frame with the fabric.  Once I was done with one strip I would slightly overlap the next strip and continue wrapping.  When I got to the end I simply made a knot on the back to secure it into place.  This way, if I ever want to change up the frame all I have to do is take off the fabric and the frame will be in it's original state.  One thing to note with this project is that the fabric did make the frame thicker, so the glass would not fit back in the frame with the picture, so keep that in mind if you are going to try this out at home.  I actually tried to get the glass back in one of them and it cracked immediately with the pressure, so lesson learned...

Overall this was a super easy, cheapo updo and I'm so happy with the way it turned out!

Now, off to work on some other projects I hope to share with you soon... :)


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