Thursday, January 3, 2013


This is the word I am choosing for 2013.

As simple as it is, I want to try and be Happy everyday no matter what the circumstances are.  I want to be Grateful for what I have and for where I'm at during this point in my life.  I need to have Faith that where I'm at is exactly where I'm supposed to be, as hard as that can be for me sometimes...  So I'm working on it...  I'm letting go of things that weigh me down, and making more room for things that bring me joy.  Because life is pretty awesome when you focus on the good parts, you know?

Hoping that we all have a Happy, Healthy year ahead!


P.S.- Speaking of the good parts, I'll have some fun news to share with you guys tomorrow so stay tuned ;)

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beki said...

Yay for you - awesome perspective :) Happy 2013!!