Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mod Podge Rocks Feature!

Mod Podge Rocks Feature

Hey Guys!

I'm so excited about Amy Anderson's new book, Mod Podge Rocks!  I've been a fan of Amy and her blog for a long time now, and a fan of Mod Podge for even longer (full disclosure: I am not getting paid to say any of this, I just really love the stuff)!  It's always been one of my favorite crafting mediums, so I was pumped when I found out my Dress Form and Bird's Nest Boxes would be included in her book.  Thanks so much, Amy, YOU rock!


P.S.- Hubs is having gallbladder surgery Monday (tomorrow) morning so any prayers/good vibes/etc. you could send our way would be much appreciated!!!
UPDATE: Surgery be continued...

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Amy Anderson said...

Genevieve!! Thank you for the kind words! You are amazing and I hope we get to do more stuff together. Are you still in Athens? I'd love to come visit!!