Friday, April 20, 2012

The Month Ahead...

Hi Guys!

Just thought I would check in as it has been a while...  How are you?  Things here have been a little crazy and are about to get crazier within the next few weeks, but always thankful to have work on my plate :)

Some big news is that I decided not to do Surtex again this year.  A lot of the artist blogs I follow are talking about their prep work and getting excited about the show since it's coming up soon, and there is a slight pang of "Did I make the right decision?  Maybe I should have done it again this year..." but overall I feel good about my choice.  Sometimes you just have to listen to your gut, you know?!  It's a great show and I may do it again in the future but this year just didn't seem right for me like it did last year.  Instead my licensing strategy is to single out the companies I would like to work with and pitch collection ideas catered directly to them.  That's really how I have gotten the bulk of my licensing gigs anyway, and for me that just seems to be my best way to work.  More focused, actually :).

So, with that being said, I actually contacted one of the companies on my "dream client" list the other day and now have a meeting in a couple weeks to pitch to them!  I'm very excited about it and I'm going to be working like a mad woman to get this presentation complete.  *Fingers Crossed* it all goes well :).  After that goes down I will be re-packing my bags for a little R&R/Girl Vacay Time at the Hangout Fest!  Cannot wait!  Work hard, play hard, right?!  So that's my next few weeks in a nutshell...  I'll try to get back on the blog soon because I do have a few posts on the backburner I would like to share with you guys...  Until then...


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Josephine said...

Genevieve! I LOVE your focus and trusting your gut. I believe that is the best decision we can ever make. Sad I won't see you at Surtex this year, but I am really happy that we got a chance to meet last year, and I am really excited for your plan of action!!! Go get 'em!!!