Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Atlanta Mart Recap

Atlanta Gift Mart January 2012

Atlanta Gift Mart January 2012

I got back from Atlanta a couple days ago, it was a really quick trip.  If anything, the Mart is a super inspiring show to walk.  Floors and floors of new products and designs.  It can actually get to be a little overwhelming- total visual overload after you've walked 18 floors of 3 different buildings full of showrooms.  I barely even scratched the surface- just checked out the major players and made mental notes of what I think I could design and pitch within the upcoming months...  I'm going into 2012 with specific plans in mind and am going to work like a crazy woman to make them happen!

Up there is a little snippet of Oopsy Daisy's showroom.  Although all of the pieces weren't out yet, they now have my whole collection online for sale- woot!

Oh, and my girl Lauren got to see her first licensed product in "real life" at the Mart this weekend too! Yeah Gurrrl!

K, off to put some of these bazillion ideas I have swirling around my brain on paper...


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The Dreaming Bear said...

Congrats! The canvases look fab! Atlanta is the place to be!