Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Projects on My List

First on my list, add a chain to this lovely vintage Girl Scout locket that I bought on Etsy.  It was a win-win splurge since not only are those my initials but I actually used to be a Scout as a kid!

My next project is this vintage dress I found on Etsy for pretty cheap.  All it needs is a good cleaning, hemming, and matching sailor hat so that I will have a super snazzy Halloween costume this year!

Another project I would love to tackle sometime soon are these amazing Mason Jar lights via Free People.  They look really easy to make and would look fab on the porch, especially as Summer is coming to a close and Fall is in the air...

Last but not least, I really, really, really need to do something with our wedding pictures.  Yep, the wedding pictures from 5 years ago.  The ones that are sitting in a plastic storage bin.  Part of me wants to stick with the original plan of making a really special scrapbook album, and the other part of me gets totally overwhelmed thinking about it and wants to just download the images off of the disc I have and make a Blurb book.  A scrapbook/album would be great but it will just take a lot of time, while a blurb book would be nice and easy but then I'd still feel bad about the unused pictures sitting in the bin.  I need to figure it out soon though because I need it completed by the first week of November.  Suggestions???


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Missy said...

I wish I was a girl scout!!! I used to wear a brownies dress in college! But I was never a brownie.


So sad!