Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New License with CoasterStone!

I'm super excited to announce my new licensing partnership with CoasterStone!  All of their products are excellent quality and made in the U.S. which I think is really great.  Not to mention being made here in the States cuts waaaay down on production time.  Most gift companies manufacture their products overseas which means from the time they decide on one of my designs to the time the item is available for purchase is at least one year.  I met with Emily from Coasterstone at Surtex in May and now the products are already available on their site!  Super cool.  Here is the artwork that they chose.  The butterflies were done in colored pencil, and the medallions are mixed media illustrations comprised of decorative wood pieces, tin, buttons, and paint.  Hope you like 'em :)

Natural Butterfly Coasters I Designed for CoasterStone

Medallion Coasters I Designed for CoasterStone



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