Saturday, September 24, 2011

Home Companion Comeback?!

(Image from ME's blog post, link is below)

Eeeek!  I was SO excited when I saw Mary Engelbreit's post today that they are thinking of bringing Home Companion back!!!  This was one of the greatest, most inspiring magazines ever and I was terribly sad when they stopped publications 3 years ago.  As a girl Mary was one of my biggest inspirations to be a professional artist and she is truly a pioneer in the field of art licensing.  Her work is incredible, and her magazine was no exception.  So now they are on the verge of returning the mag but need help with a "petition" of sorts.  If you loved Home Companion as much as I did and want to see it back in action then please post here on Mary's blog.  *Fingers crossed for you, Mary!*


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