Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Pal, Libby

Skirt by Libby

Baby Shoes by Libby

Pillow by Libby

Long time, no blog post!  I wanted to share some treasures that my friend Libby, aka Daisy Doodles,  made out of my Gypsy Garden fabric!  We did a little trade around Christmas time and in exchange for some of my fabric I received the prettiest scallop scarf.  Can't wait till it starts cooling off and I can wear it again!  Anyway, Libby has gottten the sewing bug (yay!) and recently sent me these pictures of what she decided to do with her fabric stash.  Cute, right?

Oh, and a few of you guys have asked about the harmonica necklaces- I just made a fresh batch and will have them in my shop ASAP- my apologies for the delay, too many projects going on the past couple of weeks!


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Emma Robertson said...

What adorable things! I love the pillow.