Wednesday, July 13, 2011


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I'm not a morning person.  At all.  I kinda liked the getting up and drinking coffee part until I gave up coffee last week (what?!), so now sunrises are about the only thing I like about getting up at the crack of dawn.  But when 4:30am rolls around  I'm gonna suck it up, count my blessings, and lend a hand for a really great cause...  I have no idea what to expect besides I need to wear a hard hat and closed toe shoes... I'll keep y'all posted on how tomorrow's adventure goes...



Bess Carter said...

That's awesome! I taught anaiah art for three years when I was at Morgan county primary. I have been itching to help this week but couldn't work out babysitters. It will be so fun to see all my friends when it airs. Have fun and share some fun behind the scenes stuff with us! Congratulations on all your latest job ventures too!

sm11989 said...

This picture is absolutely beautiful!