Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feltie Pillow Project and a Front Porch Redo

Front Porch Redo

Front Porch Redo

Front Porch Redo

Front Porch Redo

Front Porch Redo

Hey Guys!  So, I've been needing to redo my front porch for a while.  If there is one thing about living in the South, it's that you need a good front porch.  I had some existing cushions that had been faded by the sun and needed to be recovered.  Not to mention the whole area in general just needed a little somethin' somethin'...  My local JoAnns had their outdoor fabrics on sale last week for 50% off so I got 2 yds of the red and white floral and 1/2 yd of the brown basket weave.  I had plenty of burlap left over from my Surtex booth projects so I decided to use that up as well.

Since I already had the cushions with the exception of the round one, making the covers was a breeze and only required a few straight stitches.  For the round pillow I used a large plate for a template and traced the circle onto foam cushion then made a circular cover for it.  I then took burlap strips to make the rosette/flower design.

I also thought this porch redo would be a perfect opportunity to test out some of my new Boho Felties (giveaway ends this week)!  I took the large owl (same shape as the small owls in the giveaway pack) and the flower stickers and added them to the plain burlap pillow.  The fun thing about the Felties is that you can layer them so that's what I did by adding a couple of flowers to the owl's eyes.  I finished them off with a couple of buttons and I'm really happy with how he turned out!  He has all the right colors and looks great in the corner under my stained glass window.

Not bad for about $20, huh?  Here's to cheap redos and fun Summer projects!  What are you guys currently working on?



Missy said...

I am enjoying the new Felties, Gen! We are getting ready to maybe paint our living room over the long weekend! Happy 4th!

Stefanie Scarborough said...

Sooooo cute, Gen! Hey - got any of that burlap left? I may need a table runner...