Saturday, June 4, 2011

DIY Summer Nails

Summer Nails

Summer Nails

Last night I decided to get a little crafty and create some pretty Summer nails.  I've been pinning (thanks, M!) some style inspiration pics of fun polish ideas, so when I spotted a section of nail art pens at Target I just had to have one so I could create my own custom look.  I did a base coat in NYC #109 Pink Promenade Creme, added the chevron pattern with Sally Hansen's nail art pen in Neon pink, then finished it off with a shiny topcoat.  It was super easy and ended up cheaper than a salon manicure (less than $1 for the base coat, and about $7 for the pen).

Speaking of pinning, are any of you guys on Pinterest?  If so please leave your link in the comments!  It's a highly addictive time-suck, but I absolutely love it...  I have tons of inspiration folders on my desktop where I have put images in the past, but hopefully pinterest will alleviate some of that clutter... I also like it because it usually connects the images to the original source, unlike some of the other image collection sites out there.  If you are interested in seeing my inspiration boards feel free to follow me here

Have a great weekend!

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Nella Design Studio said...

I LOVE this G.! Come to Columbia and do mine too :)