Sunday, May 1, 2011

2 weeks and counting...

Art and Design Licensing Source Book

Art and Design Licensing Source Book Blurb

2 weeks 'til Surtex!  Booth stuff is almost complete, I have a few appointments set in stone, and I am ready to get this show on the road!  Now on to important things like what to wear?!  I did spy these last week and had to have 'em for my trip, although there is no way I will be sporting heels at the show since I'm pretty sure I'll be on my feet all day.  They're more like sippin' a NYC cocktail post-show kinda shoe, but they are cute, aren't they?

Anyway, back to business, I was excited to see my blurb in the Art and Design Licensing Source Book today.  It is a European publication (hence the lovely spellings of travelled, colours, and jewellery) and it's my understanding that it will be available at Surtex and other Licensing shows coming up this year.  Thanks, Art and Design!

K, off to paint, going to try and squeeze in some last minute artwork for the show...

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Rob Willis said...

You're very welcome! The publication will indeed be distributed at Surtex and I will be there to support its launch. Should you or any of your industry colleagues like a copy sent in the mail, just let me know.

Best wishes
Rob Willis
Art & Design Licensing Source Book
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