Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dragonfly Quilt Talk

Hey Guys!  Holed up in the house again for the second day in a row because of the freakish snowstorm we had this week.  I am getting random things done though, like downloading pics, organizing files, and even making some new art!  Not to mention watching way too many cheesy Lifetime movies and reruns on Bravo (I heart you Andy Cohen)...

Anyway, here are some pics I took from the talk at Dragonfly Quilt Shop this weekend.  A big thanks to Deborah for having us, and hope everyone enjoyed it!

(Extreme closeup of Jennifer and I, and the bags of homemade chocolates I put together for the attendees)
Dragonfly Talk about Fabric Design
These were my visuals I put together showing part of my design process...
Dragonfly Talk about Fabric Design
...and here is Jennifer's section with some of her super cute patterns and buttons.
Dragonfly Talk about Fabric Design
Happy Snow Day (again),

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Stefanie Scarborough said...

You. Are. Amazing. I think I almost DIED of cuteness exposure when I saw that pic of the gift you gave those lucky quilt enthusiasts! Wow.