Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Momma Locket

New Momma Locket
My friend Angie had a baby earlier this week, so I made her this locket to give to her in the hospital.  I left a spot on the inside where she can add little Winston's picture.  This project was super easy to do, so if you have any friends having babies soon and need a last minute gift, here is how I made this:

1.  Find a locket with a space for a bezel.  These can easily be found on craft supply sites or places like Etsy.  Just do a search for "Locket and Bezel."

2.  Measure the space where the bezel goes, and on the computer make 2 black circles in that size.

3.  Type out in white the initial of the baby's first name on one circle, and the baby's full name and birthday on the other circle.

4.  Print, cut, and glue into place.

5.  Cover the inside piece with Plaid's Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (it makes the design look like it is under a piece of glass).  Let dry and close the locket.  Repeat coverage for the front piece and let dry.

6.  Add a chain and/or beads of your choice (I used an antique gold chain approximately 35" long).

There you have it, easy peazy!

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Stefanie Scarborough said...

Wow!! What a special gift! That looks awesome!