Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More G's Coming Soon...

My friend emailed me to let me know that while researching baby names she saw that Genevieve is predicted to be the "it" baby girl name for 2010!  Who woulda thought it?!  More little G's running around soon!  You see as of now there aren't very many of us, or at least not in the South.  It's nice to be named after my great-grandmother and having a name that's a little unique, but it can also be crazy when I get called Geneva or Guinnevere on a daily basis because nobody knows how to pronounce it!  I was even called Gen-a-va-va once, it was pretty funny...

Here are some random tidbits related to the name:

Meaning: "White Light" or "White Wave"

St. Genevieve is the Patron Saint of Paris, France

There are a couple of songs with the mention of the name: Son Volt's Tear Stained Eye and Sugarland's Genevieve (speaking of Sugarland, did you know that before she hit the country scene, Jennifer Nettles used to play the Athens circuit in a more bluesy/folksy band Soul Minor's Daughter?  I've got some good college memories of watching them play...)

And last but not least one of my favorite designers of all time is Genevieve Gorder.  She has the best style and her work is amazing.  You can also see her judging Sunday nights on HGTV's Design Star.  I saw her in a shop in Italy once when I was doing study abroad but didn't want to seem like a random weirdo and all like "Hi my name is Genevieve too!"  I'm sure she would have been super cool and friendly but I totally chickened out.  I digress...

So, what are some of your favorite baby names right now?  Oh, and shout out to my friend JP that welcomed little Baby Anslee into the world this morning!

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