Thursday, June 17, 2010


Get Your Craft On: Gypsy Banner

As promised, here are the directions for the quick and easy Summer project that I made the other day.  While making flags/bunting isn't exactly rocket science, this is just a simple little tutorial that you can whip up with some of your fabric scraps you may have laying around.  It's a great accessory to dress up an outdoor party or BBQ, or even to hang in a kid's room or studio space.

Supplies you will need:
Assortment of fabric (for this project I mixed scraps of Flower Bucket and Gypsy Garden together)
Rope (got mine super cheap at the Hardware store for about .39/lf - length of rope will depend on your space so pre-measure the area where the banner will hang before heading to the store.  Mine was around 30' long)
Disappearing ink fabric pen
Pinking Shears
Scrap piece of paper or cardstock
Hot Glue Gun or Sewing Machine (not pictured)
Optional Supplies:
Picnic Blanket
Your favorite Summer beverage (might I suggest Ranger IPA- sooo good!)
Your favorite Summer tunes (I went with the classic Hippy mix of Marley and The Dead for this occasion)
Get Your Craft On: Gypsy Banner

Step 1:
Take your scrap piece of paper or cardstock and fold it in half.  Cut a triangle shape template for your flags.  Fold the paper over the rope to take into account the thickness of it to make sure it will be the right size that you would like.  Make any adjustments to the template if necessary, and snip the ends off of the top corners where the fabric would stick out after folding the fabric over the rope.
Get Your Craft On: Gypsy Banner

Step 2:
Trace your template onto your fabric (if you are using the disappearing ink pen you can spritz the fabric with water at the end of the project to make the marks go away, or you can trace your template on the back side of the fabric and not even have to worry about the lines at all- wish I would have thought of that part before I got half way through with tracing mine...).  Also, the most efficient way to trace and get the most flags possible is to precut your fabric into strips the same height as your triangle template.  Then after you trace one triangle, simply flip the template upsidedown and trace the next one.
Get Your Craft On: Gypsy Banner

Step 3:
Use your pinking shears to cut out your flags.
Get Your Craft On: Gypsy Banner

Step 4:
Snip the top corners off to prevent them from sticking out after you fold the fabric over the rope.
Get Your Craft On: Gypsy Banner

Step 5:
Arrange your fabrics on the rope and secure.  I'm a hot glue gun girl at heart (hardcore sewers don't be mad at me), so I used my gun to finish the job.  If you are looking for a more finished look or for something that will last longer you can bust out the ole trusty sewing machine as well and run a simple straight stitch to secure the flags into place.
Get Your Craft On: Gypsy Banner

Hang up your Gypsy Banner and enjoy!  There you have it- Easy Peasy...
Get Your Craft On: Gypsy Banner


P.S.- Any fun Summer projects you guys are working on?  I'd love to hear about them!

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