Monday, May 24, 2010

Fabric Winner and a Free Download for Everyone!

Congrats #17 (Nancy G.), the Random Brian Generator (my Hubs) picked your number for the Gypsy Garden fabric!  Please email me your addy and I will get that out your way later this week!  Thanks so much to everyone that played along and here is a Freebie for all of you iphone users- a Gypsy Garden downloadable iphone cover
iphone Gypsy Garden Cover
The supplies you will need: clear iphone case, scissors, print out of cover, double sided tape, hole punch
iphone Gypsy Garden Cover
Step 1: Print out the image at the end of this post to fit your iphone.  Trim with scissors.
iphone Gypsy Garden Cover
Punch a hole where the white dot is located in the top left corner (where the camera part is)
iphone Gypsy Garden Cover
Add a strip of double sided tape to the top and bottom of the phone.  Secure printout into place and cover with the clear plastic iphone case.
iphone Gypsy Garden Cover
Click on the image below for a printable page- I printed mine at 4.25" high to fit my phone.  Enjoy!


Stefanie Scarborough said...

This post - cuteness factor THROUGH THE ROOF!!!

Simone Howell said...

OMG- this is the most brilliant idea ever, Genevieve!! Your blog is looking great! Looks like you've been enjoying partying it down at weddings! And too bad all your friends and family are not in the least bit good looking! ha! So many gorgeous people! Happy summertime! xo

Autumn Hathaway said...

That is the cleverest and cutest little thing.