Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 4 (5/5 Art Challenge)

Day 4 (5/5 Art Challenge)

Day 4 (5/5 Art Challenge)

Day 4: Fabric applique on pre-made bag, hand painted and hand stitched details

I must admit, the "G" on this is a little secondary to the owl, but I've had this bag planned in my head for weeks now and thought the daily challenge would be a good time to get it done!  I got the plain canvas bag for $10 yesterday and added the fabric applique last night.  I hand painted the owl on the fabric since I don't have a yudu yet, so that was probably the most time consuming part.  Sorry about the not-so-great photos- it's still raining outside so I had to take these indoors this morning.  Overall, I'm super pumped about this bag and can't wait to start using it!  Oh, and if you like my owl design, then be on the lookout for some new jewelry within the next week *hint, hint*


allison said...

That is adorable, I love it!

Laura Dempsey said...

I LOVE owls!