Thursday, February 11, 2010

You Float My Boat

You Float My Boat

My very talented friend, Jennifer, had some of us girls over last week for a little painting party.   It was so much fun and I decided to make the ole' Hubs a Valentine card.  He loves boats so I thought this would be fitting... Hope he doesn't see this before Sunday (I don't think he reads my blog though).  Not sure what we are doing for Valentine's yet but he said to keep the day "free" so we shall see (but if he is reading right now, this Sunday better be freakin' awesome! Totally kidding)...  You guys have any fun plans for this weekend?

Oh, and meant to tell y'all that the Owl City show last weekend was great!  Pretty much what I expected- completely different from any show I had been to before (no guitars, lots of keyboard) but a really good time nonetheless!  It's cool to see someone who was just sitting around in his parents basement not too long ago making music for fun and now is on tour across the country doing what he loves- very inspiring!


JenniferJangles said...

I forgot to take pictures of our paintings the other night. I am so glad you posted a pic. I will link it up to my blog. I hope we can have another craft night soon,

The Dreaming Bear said...

Hi there! Found you through Jen's Jangles blog! Love your painting! Great job! Hope you had a sweet lil' Valentine's Day!