Friday, February 19, 2010

Liberty of London at Target

Liberty of London for Target

I know a lot of gals are excited about this, myself included!  Counting down the days... ;)

(Images in collage from Target website)

Oh, and there is a "patternality" test you can take too.  Looks like I'm a "Mrs. Robinson"


Bess Carter said...

I am super excited too! I was in Target today and they have huge paper flowers hanging from the ceiling in the entrance that are beautiful. I once asked customer service what they do with all the decor for the store when promotions are over and she said they will not sell or give them to the public.I bet I just haven't asked the right person
:)I am interested to see what the response and inventory will be like at our Athens store.

Stefanie Scarborough said...

Looks like I'm a "Maddsie Green"! That was neat-o, Genevieve! I love this stuff!!!