Thursday, December 3, 2009

Closing Up Shop

Mary Beth Eastman of True Up and Supafine fame put together a great article "Even Crafters Need a Vacation: How to Close up Shop."  Check it out to see what a few of us shop owners had to say about how we handle closing up for the Holidays.

Speaking of closing up shop, just a reminder my Etsy shop will be closed this weekend for the Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa.  Hope to see you there, Athens peeps!

...and in totally unrelated random news, have you guys heard that new Timbaland song?  I can't lie, I love the way he puts beats together and his songs always end up on my "Runnin'" (workout) playlists.  I'm sure this new one will be played out soon, but for now I like it...


Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing the new song...I'll be downloading it tonight for my "runnin" playlist :)

supa said...

Thanks for the interview and the link, Gen! Now I have to hear that Timbaland song :)