Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shop Update: New Crafty Gal Necklaces and Wooden Spool Earrings!

Craft Gal Necklaces

Craft Gal Necklaces

Craft Gal Necklaces

Craft Gal Wooden Spool Earrings

Craft Gal Wooden Spool Earrings

Just finished a new batch of "Crafty Gal" jewelry.  Yes, those are real mini wooden spools with colored thread!  These were a lot of fun to make... available now in my Etsy shop.

Ooh, and on a personal note, I just bought tickets for B and I to see Owl City.  Woot woot!  It's a little different from the music I usually listen to but I really like it...


sewfunbymonique said...

oooh! love those! I'll have to check them out!

Bess Carter said...

Keith and I got tickets to see The Avett Brothers at The Foxx January 1st. I am so excited! Our seats are not very good but it will still be a fun night out(which I haven't had in a while :)Where are The Owls playing? I have heard that one song but that is all I know about them. I love concerts...for a brief moment they make me feel like I am in college again! You and Brian should go to the Concerts on the Lawn during the Summer at Ashford Manor in Watkinsville (if you haven't already) They are so fun. I am getting off the subject....have a great time at your show...oh! almost went to dragonfly with me last week and she picked out 2 pieces of your fabric unknowingly. She was excited to hear they were yours. Congratulations again!

Genevieve Gail said...

Hey Bess! It's going to be at the Melting Point in February. I think it is just one dude and his keyboard so it should be interesting... I only got out to one Concert on the Lawn this year unfortunately- hopefully will get to more next summer... Avett Bros should be a great show especially at The Fox!!! Concerts make me feel like I'm in college still too ;). Oh, and I can't believe your mom got some of my fabrics! Will u send me pics when she makes something with them???

the southern hostess said...

So darling! I love these.