Monday, October 19, 2009


Fabric Flower Necklace

Fabric Flower Necklace

Fabric Flower Necklace

Fabric Flower Necklace

Fabric Flower Necklace

Fabric Flower Necklace

As you can see the ole' blog got a facelift over the weekend!  I spent all night figuring out how to do a 3 column layout but then it looked way too busy so I reverted back to the trusty 2.  Added some lace and button details from my recent shopping excursion and overall I'm really happy with how it turned out.  Just remind me to never try and figure out HTML code again- there is a reason I'm not a web designer!  But for those of you looking for blog code tips I found this site to be really helpful...

I also updated my Etsy shop with some new flower necklaces so head on over and check them out!  They are super lightweight and a lot of fun to wear.  I love throwing one on with a simple t-shirt and jeans for an everyday look, but they can also be worn with dressy outfits as well (think upcoming holiday parties, etc.)!



Heather said...

The blog looks great - when I was changing over my blog from 2 to 3 columns I found a really great and easy tutorial - check it out here:
Love the necklaces - too cute!

Courtney said...

Those necklaces look so soft, and so perfect for cooler weather! I love what you've done with your blog. It's always so cheery, especially with the new lace and buttons.

JenniferJangles said...

Man you have been I recognize some of those buttons from your Quilt Market shopping?


Mary said...

You have such a wonderful eye! I think I need to hire you as a stylist so I stop shlepping around town in jeans and a tee. You know, because you don't have enough going on. LOL