Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quilt Market Houston 2009: Part 1

Quilt Market Houston Fall 2009

Quilt Market Houston Fall 2009

Quilt Market Houston Fall 2009

Quilt Market Houston Fall 2009
Well my trip to Houston for the 2009 Fall Quilt Market started off a little shaky. Literally. The flight from Atlanta to Houston was intense- I've never been on a flight where the turbulence was so bad that people were screaming at the top of their lungs and clutching on to one another for dear life... and anyone that knows me knows that I hate to fly anyway so that was not my favorite way to start things off... but once I had my boots on solid ground and headed to Market things instantly began to turn around for the better...

For starters, the Windham booth looked absolutely fantastic! They made it look like an old schoolhouse and the super cute setup earned a shiny red ribbon (that's Laura up there holding the 2nd place prize). Each fabric collection got it's own little section on the wall, and they had found this awesome antique yellow cart to display with my Gypsy wares. They also asked each designer to make a quilt block out of their fabrics and hung them on these large fabric chalkboards. I went with the bird theme for my block and used metallic thread details as I'm all about shiny things these days. I'm even thinking about doing an entire quilt out of these bird blocks now that I have the quilting bug.

It was also nice to catch up with the Windham designers that I hadn't seen since the Spring and meet some new ones as well (like Anna Griffin- how cool- always admired her work!). Wish I would have taken more pictures but the whole weekend went by way too fast! A HUGE thank you to all who stopped by and to those who ordered Gypsy Garden! Tomorrow I will post some details of the items I made for the booth...


sheree said...

The Windham booth was lovely...so different then last year! I stopped by to get a picture of you, but you had already left. I was stuck in my booth and did not get around like I wanted to!! Looking forward to catching up with you again...hopefully at Spring Market!

Congrats again on a beautiful new collection!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe - I like the Mercedes sign on the bottom left quilt block (oopsie!) Your block rocks, of course. And your display!! It came out perfect! OMG, Gen. You poor thing (on the plane)! How scary!! I hope you never have to go through that again :( Can't wait to see more pics! (Love, Stef)

Mark said...

Genevieve, My wife has saved your blog and I'm sure she browses it all of the time. Anyway, my Aunt owns a quilt store down in Columbus, Ga. She's built it from the ground up and also designs fabrics. She also went to Houston for the quilt convention. I hope you don't mind, but I sent her a message on Facebook and gave her a link to you blog. I told her we were friends in high school and college and I thought she might be interested in your fabrics. I'd also like to send you a link to her web site for her quilt shop. If you would like her contact info or anything else, please let me know. Here is her link:
Talk to you later,