Friday, October 23, 2009

Flower Bucket Hitting the Shelves!

The weirdest thing happened this week.  I decided to stop by my local quilt shop since I hadn't been by in a couple months, and when I walked in they just happened to be unpacking bolts of Flower Bucket!  So cool.  It's one thing to see strike offs, but it's a totally different thing to see bolts of it in an actual store!  BIG thank yous to Debora and Deb at Dragonfly and to everyone else who will be carrying my new line!

For all of you online shop owners that will be carrying Flower Bucket here are some photos if you are in need of promo images.  I also created a Flikr group so once the fabric starts rolling in and you guys start sewing and crafting with it I would love to see what you come up with!

Flower Bucket by Genevieve Gail

Flower Bucket by Genevieve Gail

Flower Bucket by Genevieve Gail

And last but not least if you need some ideas to get you going, here is the free Loves Me Loves Me Not quilt pattern that Jean Ann Wright and I designed back in March to show the customers at Spring Market what they could make with my fabrics.  Windham offers free quilt patterns online to go with all of their collections so check them out! Oh, and the Bird's Nest Boxes shown above have a tutorial here.  I took some before/afters of the chair I just redid too so hope to have instructions on that soon...

Free Flower Bucket Quilt Project


Lisa said...

Beautiful! I imagine seeing your fabric in a store is like seeing your child take their first step on their own. :D Congratulations.

Jennifer Jangles said...

Hey Hey...I just saw your picture on the Dragonfly Quilt Shop website. You're with your fabric! I can't wait to go by some.

Happy Saturday!