Thursday, July 30, 2009

McCall's Quilting Ad

McCalls Flower Bucket Ad Fall 09

"Flower Bucket" by Genevieve Gail

So excited to see my "Flower Bucket" fabric collection ad in McCall's Quilting!  Shop owners can order now through Windham Fabrics/Baum Textile.  Fabric will be shipping to stores in October so stay tuned!  


beki said...

I can only imagine how good that must feel!!

Sheree said...

Oh, I will be opening up an account with Windham next week so I can carry these fabrics in my shop...they are sooo lovely! Love the retro feeling of them. Congrats on the new collection!!!

JenniferJangles said...

Oh your fabric looks so good! I love to see it all lined up.
Have a great day,

Goosegirl said...

oooo! Your fabrics are sooo pretty!