Thursday, July 9, 2009

Featured Artist: Freya Art

Came across the wonderful Etsy shop FreyaArt the other day.  Don't you just love her stuff?  My favorite quote has to be the top one, "Let's plant grass seeds in all our shoes and paint yellow inside our hats so even when it's cold and dark we will always feel like we are walking barefoot in the sunshine."  Love it.  Things have been on the sunny side here lately- finally feeling like my hard work is starting to pay off... Working all day then coming home and designing all night has been taxing at times, but it is all totally worth it in the long haul.  Wrapping up my next fabric collection that I'm really really loving, and also in talks for another big project that I hope pans out soon...  I'll keep ya posted...

Anyway, not to sound too cheesy, but just wanted to say if there is anyone out there who has a dream but for whatever reason has not gone after it yet- take the plunge- make it happen!  For real- anything is possible, it just takes focus and determination...  You only get one shot at this life so make it count!

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