Monday, January 26, 2009

GET YOUR CRAFT ON: Fabric Wall Art

So here is a project for the budget-conscious, time-crunched gal like me.  I have been wanting some new artwork for my living room, so I got a great deal on some damask fabric for $5/yd at my local Hancock Fabrics and also ordered some great Paula Prass fabric from laniejane on etsy.  Aren't they great?  That is one of my dreams, to one day design my own kick butt fabric collection...but I digress...on to make some wall art!

Here are the supplies you will need:
Wooden Stretchers (can be found at your local art supply store)
Fun Fabric
Staple Gun
Brown Acrylic Paint (Optional)
Paintbrush (Optional)

Step 1:
Decide what size you would like your artwork to be and purchase wooden stretchers to create that size.  I used a combination of 24", 36", 40", and 48" stretchers.
Step 2:
Fit the stretchers together to form an open frame
Step 3:
Lay your fabric face down and lay your stretcher frame on top.  Trim around frame so you have just enough of fabric edge to wrap around the frame (probably a few inches all the way around).
Step 4:
Now here is where it gets a little tricky...Pull your fabric up around one side of the frame and place one staple in the middle of the stretcher.  The natural thought would be to start at one point and go continuously around the frame from there, but it is actually best to place one staple on all four sides first.  Then work your way from the center staples to the outside of the frame with a few staples on each side, alternating sides until you are at the end.  Be sure to pull the fabric as tight as you can as you place your staples and this will eliminate any slack in the final product.
Step 5:
When you get to the ends you will need to fold the corners.  I wish I had a good trick for this but I don't- I just play with it until I get a good clean looking corner and add a few extra staples to secure it.
Step 6:
If you have a lot of extra fabric hanging over the back of your frame you might want to trim it down.  Just be careful not to get too close to the staples as the fabric could eventually tear through.
Step 7:
This step is totally optional, but it's my favorite part!  If you would like a more "rustic" edge, or need a way to tie different fabric panels together you can add brown acrylic paint to the edges of the frame.  I use a dry brush technique that you can see here.

So that's it, a quick and easy way to spruce up a room!


Marie said...

Love this idea! I am going to do this for my craft room! Thanks for sharing!

Sonia said...

Cool way to brighten up a wall! I love your jewelery, ideas and the blog too! Keep 'em coming!!

Marissa and Family said...

I love this idea....I also LOVE your Flower Bucket fabric line. I want to use both of these in my daughter's bedroom. I'm also expecting my second daughter and me and my husband have been thinking about the name Genevieve. Maybe she will be Genevieve Gail:) I love all your ideas you are truely talented. Thanks!