Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Took the Handmade Pledge

So I'm trying to buy all handmade gifts this Christmas.  Well, not considering the Best Buy gift cards I usually get my 3 brothers every year.  Totally lame, I know, but they are so hard to shop for!  Any suggestions on guy gifts for ages 17-25?  Anyway, here is what I've gotten so far from my favorite place, Etsy.

1.  My Mom loves crosses, so I got her this really cool one made from a piece of vintage ceiling tin.  Check out the other beautiful items from Cottage In The Sun!
2.  My Mother-In-Law picked out one of my "Be Free" bird necklaces for part of her Christmas gift.  I told her to just act suprised when she opens it- ha ha.  Buy one for yourself or for that special someone here in my shop!
3.  This is the most amazing sugar scrub ever!  I bought about 4 jars of it, so now I just need to figure out who the lucky recipients are.  Check out Right As Rain Creations for more wonderful bath and body items.
4.  Isn't this necklace from The Sunshine Studio the cutest?!  I couldn't resist this "Merry Christmas to Me" present!


Genevieve said...

I have seen some handmade belts and buckles that are AWESOME. I'm going to try and track down the seller for you...

Genevieve said...

There are sooo many more. (These are the belts my hubby liked!)

Genevieve Gail said...

Great idea! Thanks so much!

Church of Craft Athens said...

I like the carousel, too.

I never thought Isobel's outfit was much like the Christmas story! She went on another outing - to Zenith, a little vegetarian tea house/restaurant/antique shop! What fun!

I am looking forward to Brian's post on Taco Tuesday (a recipe perhaps??) and Buster Fridays.